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Assistive Technology Flat Demonstration Video

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Video transcript

Here at the Tech Flat we’ve got a range of assistive technology and mainstream technology that we can demonstrate to you.

Following assessment by social work we can provide you with a range of assistive technology to help you stay safe and independent at home. The assistive tech that we can provide can send a signal through to the community alarm or it can send a signal to the care-assist pager for the carer within a home.

All the assistive technology that we can provide can be linked to the community alarm system or the care assist pager system such as a pendant which someone can press to either alert the community alarm staff or for it to come through to the pager system for someone within the home. Like this and this will then give off a tone (loud bleeps) and then the person responding would just have to press the alarm to acknowledge.

We have two types of falls sensors within the flat that can be linked to the community alarm or care assist pager. One is a pendant that can be worn around the neck and the next is one that can be worn around the wrist. On the bed we also have a moisture sensor that can detect moisture and send an alert. We also have a bed occupancy monitor that can alert if someone has got out of the bed.

The fire safety devices we provide are smoke detector, heat detector and carbon monoxide detector. These are all linked to a community alarm and if they are activated then community alarm would alert emergency services. We have 3 types of GPS locators. A watch, a key fob and shoe insole. They all have sim cards in them which are linked to mobile networks and satellites. All GPS locators have their own personal web portal where families can log in to request the location of their loved one which will bring it up in google map format. These can be accessed through any smart device that the family use. At the tech flat we have a range of personal assistant smart devices that we can show you how to use and if you find them helpful you can decide whether to buy them.

For vulnerable people who may be targeted by bogus callers there is a range of video doorbells that can be connected to your WiFi. We have one on display at the assistive tech flat. It comes through on your mobile phone where you’re able to answer it and it will bring up a picture to show you exactly who is at the door.

(Hi! It’s only me)

Through the mobile phone, you can answer this even if you are not at the property.

We can use the personal assistant smart devices to provide reassurance, perhaps to a younger person leaving home for the first time to their own tenancy or to an older person to keep in touch and remind them about things like doctor’s appointments.

Devices are really good for video calling as well, they’re really easy and straight forward to use. They have an automatic drop-in feature which means you don’t need to swipe to activate the call.

(Hi there!)

Hi Bobby!

So, we’ve got a privacy screen that’s greyed out on the right-hand side of the screen which is sharpening up now. There I am. Hello!

Alexa. Goodnight. OK

Alexa. Lights. OK

There’s lots of other smaller devices that can help you within your home. At the tech flat we’ve got things like smart plugs, smart lights, we’ve got a robot hoover, we’ve got the TV linked up.

If you come to the tech flat, we can show you how all that works.

[End of video transcript]
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